Outdoor exploring

Having fun with your dog and learning outside of the classroom.

Training classes in a village hall are a fantastic way to help your dog start learning. The controlled and safe environment enables the foundations to be firmly put in place. Transferring these skills to an outside setting can be really hard for the dog and frustrating for the owners, resulting in walks not being as enjoyable as your would have hoped.

Alternatively you may be feeling that you would like to work closely with your dog as a partnership and have some high energy fun working with your dog on and around obstacles in the my Freestly Fun group sessions. These workshops give your dog an opportunity to explore agility equipment safely, build confidence and learn.

Quantock Trekkers

Quantock Trekkers

Quantock Paw Treks for adult dogs as well a Puppy Paw Treks for pups over 20 weeks of age.

Freestyle Fun Agility

Freestyle Fun

Monthly evening sessions  as well as workshops for beginners

Catherine Tomlinson Puppy Dog Training

What our clients say…

“The Quantock Paw Treks are great value for money.  The small groups meant that I got a lot of help at aspects I find difficult when walking my dog. Thank you for a lovely walk.”

Eric and Ernie

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