In person pet behaviour consultations

Private training and behaviour sessions

Depending on whether you are seeking help for a complex behaviour or just need structured guidance to improve a simple training issue, there are a range of private training and behaviour packages that will suit your requirements.

With over 12 years experience as a fully accredited member of the Association of Pet Behavior Counsellors and a registered Clinical Behaviourist with the Animal Behaviour Training Council, I have extensive experience in resolving behavioural issues in dogs and cats.  I hold two separate degrees in Zoology and Applied Animal Behaviour & Welfare and have previously taught Animal Behaviour & Welfare at a local Higher Education College.

Private training and behaviour sessions can be provided through home visits (Taunton and Bridgwater location only, if you are outside these areas please contact Catherine Directly) or a clinic service provided weekly out of the Win Clinic. Located adjacent to Willowbrook Garden Centre just outside Taunton, The Win Clinic is a multidiscipline animal care centre that also provides services such as canine physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and acupuncture. During an in person consultation (online consultations are also available) I will get to know your pet better before I can make recommendations. Each training plan is tailor made for you and your pet as each individual case is unique.


The first step – booking an initial session (as part of a package or stand alone appointment)

During one to one training and behaviour follow up sessions, I will help you train your dog to do the behaviours you want rather than working on managing those that you don’t.  Once we have a clearer picture of what your pet does and why, I will help you work with your dog so that you can start enjoying life with them.

There are many packages to choose from depending on whether you want help with a simple training issue such as jumping up or you need support with a complex behaviour issue like separation distress or multiple training problems where more time is required to work through each.

Scheduling that first appointment for a training session or a more in depth behaviour consultation, couldn’t be easier.  Whether  you are happy to come to the Clinic or require a Home visit, there are many appointment dates and times to choose from.   If the slots available at booking don’t suit then please contact Catherine for an alternative. HOME VISITS ARE ONLY AVAILBLE FOR TAUNTON, BRIDGWATER AND TA4 POSTCODE. PLEASE CONTACT CATHERINE DIRECTLY IF YOU REQUIRE A HOME VISIT BUT DO NOT LIVE IN THESE AREAS

Veterinary referral (if applicable)

If you are seeking help for a complex behavioural issues, your pet has known or potential medical and physical issues and you are wanting to make an insurance claim  I ask that you obtain a referral from your veterinary surgeon before proceeding with any training.

Insurance claims (if applicable)

Please contact your insurance company to discuss whether your policy will cover behaviour therapy.  As a registered Clinical Animal Behavioursist accredited by both The Animal Behaviour Training Council and Association for Pet Behaviour Counsellors, most pet insurance companies will support the costs for behaviour work I provide.


In person Behaviour Consultation Programme

Full behaviour consultation programme – £397

  • Suitable for complex behaviour problems
  • An initial assessment session (approximately 1½ hours)
  • Written details of the training plan
  • Three follow-on sessions or 6 half hour sessions (case dependant)
  • Unlimited telephone & e-mail support
  • Liaison with your vet (if required)

Discounted rate for additional follow-on sessions* – £77 / hour

* Some complex cases can benefit from additional follow-on sessions after those included in the standard programme. These can be booked at any time after completion of the initial package

In person Individual Behaviour Consultation

Initial assessment session (approximately 1½ hours) with written details of training recommended- £192

Standard rate for additional follow-on sessions – £90 per session

In person Private Training *

Training session package – Three sessions  – £230

One-off training sessions (no written report) – £90/ session

* Not suitable for dogs with complex or well-established behaviour issues, please call to discuss.

Additional Mileage Costs

The above prices apply to clinic consultations at The Win Clinic or home consultations within 10 miles of Taunton (includes Wellington, Taunton and Bridgwater). For home consultations beyond this, a surcharge of 45 pence per mile will be added. In addition if travel time is greater than 45 minutes then an additional charge of £25 per journey will be applied.