Virtual behaviour consultations and training

An alternative to “in person” sessions

As an alternative to face to face meetings, I can also provide support through a Live Online Consultation. Its so easy to use. All that you need is a device with a webcam (PC, tablet or smartphone) and internet connection. The same great advice is given but from the safety and comfort of your own home. Plus its super convenient!

The easy to use online consultations are ideal for your pet if they cannot be transported or if they are worried about being in an unfamiliar setting around unfamiliar people. Instead a more realistic picture of their behaviour can be ascertained in the familiarity of their own home. Dogs with a separation related issue or those that have behaviour problems resulting in aggression to dogs and people can also be seen through a virtual consultation.

When other commitments make scheduling a standard appointment challenging the online sessions make getting help more accessible. Plus there are many times slots for you to choose your virtual appointment, making it even more flexible. If the slots available at booking don’t suit then please contact me for an alternative.


How does online consultations and training work?

Through the easy to use live online training sessions, behaviour consultations and follow ups,  I will help you to work with your pet to develop the behaviours you want rather than working on managing those that you don’t.

Sessions are conducted via Whereby. This is a FREE and EASY application. No software is required by yourself just a device with a camera (smartphone, PC, laptop, tablet) and the internet.

There are a variety of options to choose from and further follow up sessions can be arranged at any time.  Simple training issues such as pulling on a lead, jumping up at people and not coming back when called are best addressed through a block of three training sessions.  The enhanced behaviour package with three follow up sessions is more applicable for complex behaviour issues involving aggression or multiple training problems.

During the initial session we will discuss your pets behaviour so that we can understand the WHYS and then I can provide detail on the WHAT TO DO’s. Visual aids and demonstrations will be provided during the session and a written plan will be issued following our consultation. If follow appointments have not been booked at the time of the initial booking but are recommended then they can be booked thereafter.

How to book a virtual consultation

To book an initial appointment with or without follow up sessions please use the button below or contact me for further advice. If the slots available at booking don’t suit then please contact Catherine for an alternative.

After you have chosen selected your day and time and day for your initial training session or behaviour consultation through our online booking you will be sent a confirmation letter with a link for you to login. Just copy the link on the day of your appointment into your internet browser and hey presto!


Veterinary referral (if applicable)

If you are seeking help for a complex behavioural issues, your pet has known or potential medical and physical issues and you are wanting to make an insurance claim I ask that you obtain a referral from your veterinary surgeon before proceeding with any training.

Insurance claims (if applicable)

Please contact your insurance company to discuss whether your policy will cover behaviour therapy.  As a registered Clinical Animal Behavioursist accredited by both The Animal Behaviour Training Council and Association for Pet Behaviour Counsellors, most pet insurance companies will support the costs for behaviour work I provide.


Online Behaviour Consultation Programme

Full behaviour consultation programme – £240

  • Suitable for complex behaviour problems
  • An initial assessment session (approximately 1½ hours)
  • Written details of the training plan
  • Three follow-on sessions of 1 hr each or 6 half hour sessions (case dependant)
  • Unlimited telephone & e-mail support
  • Liaison with your vet (if required)

Discounted rate for additional follow-on sessions* – £40 / hour

* Some complex cases can benefit from additional follow-on sessions after those included in the standard programme. These can be booked at any time after completion of the initial package

Online Individual Behaviour Consultation

Initial assessment session (approximately 1½ hours) with written details of training recommended- £120

Standard rate for additional follow-on sessions – £40 / hour

Online Private Training and Follow Up Sessions*

Training session package – Three 1 hr sessions  – £120

One-off training sessions (no written report) – £40 / hour

* Not suitable for dogs with complex or well-established behaviour issues, please call to discuss.