Puppy Power

Training for puppies over 5 months!

The course is specifically designed as a beginner’s training course for ALL dogs over the age of 20 weeks Or a course to enrich training that puppies have already completed at Puppy School. There is no expectation of previous training but the course is designed to enhance skills already learnt, going beyond the basics!


What your dog will learn:

  • Responsive recalls – coming back to you even when there are distractions
  • Focus games  to help switch on learning
  • Loose lead walking
  • Patience
  • Strategies to help reduce jumping up at people
  • Sit, lie down and stand
  • Fun games to play with your dog

Training details:

  • Number of spaces: 4
  • Puppy age: From 20 weeks of age
  • Cost: £85 for full course
  • Sessions: 6 Weeks, 50 mins a week

Upcoming sessions:

  • Wednesday 29th June 6pm @Middlezoy Village Hall with Kerry Baillie
  • Thursday 28th July 7pm @ Ash Priors Village Hall with Catherine
  • Wednesday 10th August 6pm @Middlezoy Village Hall with Kerry Baillie (no class on the 31st August)
  • Wednesday 28th September6pm @Middlezoy Village Hall with Kerry Baillie
  • Wednesday 9th November 6pm @Middlezoy Village Hall with Kerry Baillie
Taunton Puppy Training Classes

What our clients say…

“So glad I chose this school for my puppy. Our children came with us and it has made them much more confident in manage our dog. Lovely ladies that run the course. We really enjoyed it!”