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No. of Spaces: 6

Puppy Age:    up to 16 weeks of age

Cost:  £10

Sessions: last 50 minutes

Puppy Pow Wow


The best early start for puppies !


Give your puppy a head start whilst waiting for Puppy school classes to begin and come along to a Pow Wow session.  During the session your puppy will have ample of opportunity to socialise with other puppies and people in a safe environment.  Our Puppy tutors will also give you lots of amazing ideas on activities to keep your puppy stimulated during the day and give recommendations for puppy problems such as toilet training, separation issues and socialisation.



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The other levels of puppy training

Upcoming Puppy Pow Wow Sessions


Monday 6th January at 8 pm in Kingsdown Pavilion Bridgwater with Chloe Nicholas