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Dog Training - Pioneer

Pioneer aims to build on Explorer level, refining the skills ascertained and using them in more challenging environments and situations. The course also adds new skills beyond those of Explorer.


Below are examples of the exercises your dog will learn during the course:-  


  • Down at a distance

  • Advanced Stays

  • Away to your bed

  • Leaving and dropping items

  • Controlled walking on a lead outside

  • Advanced recall – coming when called from distractions

  • Greeting people politely at the door



In line with the more advanced nature of the course one lesson will be held outside of the training hall in a public environment. The location and timing for this excursion varies according to weather and time of year but it will be close as possible to Enmore Hall. Advice will be provided during the course.



No. of Spaces:    6

Course length:    6 Weeks

Cost for course:  £60


Upcoming Pioneer Courses

Will resume in the Spring on the Quantock Hills


Puppy Power Ranger Explorer

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